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Updates as of 7-13-2020

Governor Newsom announced Monday, July 13 that gyms and indoor fitness centers in Sacramento County are to tempoarily close due the current status of COVID19 cases in the State of California.   We will continue to plan for our return to indoor operations with modifications based on the most recent guidelines and will continue to make annoucements here and on our social media pages.  

Student Health and Counseling Services remains open with in-person and telehealth appointments available.  For more information visit: SHCS Website

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Updates as of 6-5-2020

Governor Newsom announced Friday, June 5 that gyms may be able to re-open as soon as Friday, June 12, with modifications.  Hours later the COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Fitness Facilities were released. While this is an exciting announcement, it will take time before we are ready to resume in-person operations. 

Now that these guidelines are available, we can begin modifying the plan we have been working on in an effort to safely resume in-person operations for campus recreation and fitness.  Once we have our plan in place to address these guidelines and any further guidelines from Sacramento County, we will need to submit the plan to President Nelsen for approval. If our plan is approved, then we will need additional time to train and hire additional staff, move equipment, and purchase the additional supplies necessary to meet the required protocols (i.e. PPE and cleaning solutions).

Lastly, we will be communicating our plan to you, our members. We want to make sure all students, faculty, staff and alumni are aware of the requirements, restrictions, and changes that are in place in order for us to meet all guidelines for both participant and employee safety. We don’t have a date yet, but when we do we will be sure to share that along with our plan.

Student Health and Counseling Services remains open with in-person and telehealth appointments available.  For more information visit: SHCS Website

Updates as of 4-10-2020

What is the status of the Summer 2020 Union WELL Mandatory Fee? 

For students enrolled in Summer 2020 courses, the Union WELL mandatory student fee will not be collected. 

Does this mean The WELL and Union will not be open this summer? 

Regardless of the exclusion of the Union WELL fee from the Summer 2020 Mandatory Student Fees, The WELL and University Union buildings will re-open to the public when it is safe to do so and is in accordance will local, state, and CSU guidelines. Virtual programming and services continue as do on-site building operations despite being closed to the public. 

Will those Sac State students not registering for summer classes also be able to use The WELL this summer at no cost, if the facility re-opens?

We are currenlty exploring our options on how we can best accomodate all our students this summer, and we will post more information as it becomes available. 

Updates as of 4-8-2020 

What is the status of the Union WELL Inc. Mandatory Student Fee for Spring 2020? 

In light of the evolving circumstances of COVID-19, the CSU system has established an Interim policy as a guideline to each campus concerning the refund of fees. These guidelines recognize that the essential functions at a university should not be financially jeapardized. The University Union/WELL fee falls into the category of mandatory campus fees which will not be refunded. 

You can find the CSU policy here:

If you have additional questions about the policy, please email

What does the University Union/WELL Mandatory Fee pay for? 

The fee is in place to pay ongoing bond payments on both the University Union and The WELL buildings, and to cover operational costs and staffing, all of which continue even though the buildings are not currently open to the public, with the exception of Student Health and Counseling Services which remains a vital resource during these times. 

We understand the extraordinary situation that many of our student are experiencing due to the recent changes on campus, and we are working hard each day to provide virtual programming options and to plan for when regular programming returns.

As such, it is crucial to maintain both facilities so they are immediately ready for use when the campus returns to normal operations. The University Union and The WELL will be ready to serve our community again once this crisis passes and we are given approval to open. 

What about optional program/service/event refunds paid directly to the Union and The WELL? 

If you purchased a specific service or program registration directly from The WELL or The University Union like intramural sports, fitness programs, a Unique Event, etc. and would like to receive a refund please contact us at and we will do our best to direct your request. We have already made attempts to contact all who are owed a refund from these optional purchases. 

How can I access virtual programming? What can I participate in? 

You can tune into virtual programming for The WELL by following us on our Instagram Stories (@wellsacstate) each day for our daily schedule. We will keep you updated on our virtual services, like the Sac State 5K Virtual Fun Run, Virtual Group Fit Club,  live Fitness and Mindfulness classes via Instagram Live, and more. Our staff are currently exploring ways to expand offerings and providing our services to you during this time, and will keep you updated through our social media channels on how else you can participate. The University Union team (@sacstateunion) is currently exploring options to provide live performances and gaming tournaments from the comfort of your own home!

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