Support for Professional Development

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This support opportunity is intended to help defray the expenses incurred by current WELL part-time employees traveling to professional conferences, workshops, seminars and any other development opportunity. The following guidelines have been established to help accommodate those employees who wish to enhance their professional development.


The overall goal is to assist part-time WELL/Union WELL Inc. employees who are looking to further their career by participating in a workshop, conference, presentation or any other opportunity that will help that person excel in their current position at the WELL.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Due to CSU travel restrictions in place through June 30, 2021 Professional Development Support is not able to fund travel for students. Professional Development Support funds will go towards a virtual development opportunity or one hosted locally within Sacramento County.


Visit the link below to submit your application.  Please make sure to attach the following items at the end of your application:

  1. Copy of the conference, workshop, or development opportunity brochure
  2. Letter of recommendation from the employee's full-time WELL supervisor on how the employee has gone above and beyond
  3. One-page personal statement of purpose to include detail on how the development opportunity will assist the employee in their attainment of their career goals either at the WELL or in their future career.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Must be a part-time WELL/Union WELL Inc. employee and fulfill all requirements while still employed.
  2. Must have filled out an application.
  3. Must have attached to the application all required documents as listed in INSTRUCTIONS.
  4. The event must be an officially published event.
  5. The application must be submitted prior to the deadline, when applicable, or the event date. A two-week minimum is required when requesting an answer on funding prior to registering is necessary.
  6. The development opportunity must relate to the employees’ job at the WELL and/or their degree.
  7. The applicant must be requesting registration and/or an entry fee to the conference, workshop or event.

If one or more of the minimum requirements are not met the application will be denied.


  • Scores will be based on a point system not to exceed 25 points.
  •  The Supervisor Recommendation Letter may be scored from 1-3, three being the most points possible for letter of recommendation.
  •  The one page Personal Statement may be scored from 1-7, seven being the most points possible for the applicant’s purpose statement.

Award Guidelines

Preference will be given to those employees having worked for the WELL over one year, who are students and who are seeking advancement in Campus Recreation or a subject related to the person’s current position. The amount requested from the Professional Development Support fund can only be used for registration fees, with the exception of NIRSA events. Professional Development Support is awarded for meetings, conferences, workshops, and/or a development opportunity that is an officially published program.

The award amount is awarded according to the following criteria:

  1. Amount of funds available
  2. Number of employees applying
  3. Purpose and destination of advancement opportunity
  4. Quality and thoroughness of application materials
  5. Number of awards an employee has previously received

* Any exceptions regarding the above criteria must be approved by the Director of the WELL.


The Support for Professional Development is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must be turned in online or directly to Tori Butler, Administrative Coordinator of the WELL, prior to or on set deadlines when applicable. There is a minimum two-week waiting period for applications to be reviewed and the applicant to be notified. Applications may be turned in within two weeks of the event, however the award notification will take place after the event occurs. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE EVENT OCCURS.

Award Acceptance

  1. Once the employee accepts the award via letter or email to The WELL Administrative Coordinator, they are responsible to pay the registration (and any other associated fees) on their own and then request reimbursement after the event.
  2. The employee must commit to conducting a presentation to all full-time staff. Presentations guidelines are as follows:
    1. Date and time for presentation will be scheduled prior to the event and will be coordinated with your full time supervisor.
    2. Presentation will consist of an overview of the professional development opportunity, an explanation of what was valuable to the employee, and how they will be applying the content to their current and/or future career.
    3. Presentation should be 15-20 minutes in length and must be completed by the individual that received the funds.
  3. Travel Paperwork must be completed prior to traveling to any NIRSA related event. Please see your full-time supervisor to confirm.

Reimbursement Procedures

After returning from travel, the employee must submit the following documents to their full time supervisor in order to get reimbursed:

  1. Copy of registration receipt. (if other fees are being reimbursed you will need all original receipts)
  2. Copy of credit card used with only the last 4 digits of the card number showing. (please block or cut out the first twelve numbers)
  3. If the original receipt DOES NOT include the last 4 digits of your credit card, you will also need a copy of your bank statement confirming the purchase. Please black out all other expenditures and personal information from your bank statement excluding the purchase being requested for reimbursement.

For additional information contact Tori Butler, Administrative Coordinator of the WELL, (916) 278-2242

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