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From My Personal Trainer 

Couch to 5K is a 5-week training program to prepare you for the Sac State 5K Fun Run! Work with a personal trainer to create a running plan, set goals, and get access to fitness classes! 


Program Details 

The Couch to 5K program is designed to help prepare you to run a 5K race or approximately 3.2 miles. This program is for all running levels from beginners to advanced. 


Individuals who are new to running will meet with a Personal Trainer to develop a running schedule to gradually work them up to completing 3.2 consecutive miles.  


Individuals who wish to improve their current 5K time will meet with a Personal Trainer to develop a running schedule to gradually improve their current PR. 


What's Included?
  • An inital (one time) session with a Certified Personal Trainer ($50 value!) 
  • A step-by-step running training schedule 
  • 5 Group Fitness Classes 
  • $5.00 off registration for the Sac State 5K Fun Run: Mustache Edition 
  • Program completion swag pack! 
  • Training tips and weekly motiviation! 
Training Timeline

Registration is open Februay 15th - March 15th. 

Running program is March 20th - May 4th 

$20.00 flat regisration rate for the program!  


Register at The WELL Front Desk! (Starting February 15th)  



For questions or comments regarding this program please e-mail from the buttom below, or Direct Message us on social media! 

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