65th Anniversary

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We're Celebrating! 

This year Intramurals is celebrating 65 years of sports activity on Sacramento State's campus! We are thrilled to honor our Blue Sapphire anniversary with special t-shirts, events, and an exciting look into Sac State's past. 




65th Anniversary Softball Game 

On October 31st, 1952, Sacramento State held it's first ever Inramural softball game. To celebrate, we are holding an anniversary softball game this Halloween! It will be 65 years to the day since the original game, and we couldn't be more excited! Join as at 12pm on The WELL Lawn (South Greens) for this exciting event! No registration required. Students of all abilities welcome. 


Intramural Sports Timeline

After digging through the university archives, we have compiled a timeline of Intramural Sports events, benchmarks, newpaper articles, and highlights from the past 65 years! To view our timeline, click the thumbnail below!