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Are you ready for some football?

Beginners and former champions are all welcome for this years Sac State Fantasy Football competition.

Registration closes: Friday, September 2nd at 12:00pm
Draft Dates: Monday, September 5 at 6pm, or Tuesday, September 6 at 8pm (depending which league you sign up for) 

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Get Your Account: Intramural Sports will be using for our fantasy football draft and season. You must  sign up on IMleagues first! Once you are signed up on IMleagues, you will be sent an email the day before the draft to join the league on ESPN. Be sure you join the league before the draft time you signed up for, otherwise you will not be in the league! Be sure your team name on IMleagues is the same team name you use on ESPN so we know who's team is yours. If you do not have an ESPN account, it is free to create one. All invitation emails will be sent to the address you use for your IMLeagues account.

Teams: Teams will be just yourself, no co-owners allowed.

Format: There will 12 slots open for each draft. The 12th slot will be an Intramural Team for ESPN will not let us delete our team since we created the league. All 11 spots for each league will be a first come first serve. Once all spots are full, no else will be allowed to join that league, so be sure to sign up right away! So be sure to sign up for the time slot that works for you on IMleagues. Once you are signed up for a time slot, absolutely NO time switches will be allowed for there is not much time between the draft and the first game of the season.

Fee: Free for all Sac State Students


  • First Place: Intramural Champ Shirt and Intramural Champ Ring

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