Movie Bracket Challenge

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Welcome to the Disney Edition!

We have compiled 32 of the top Disney movies of all time and placed them into a single-elimination tournament bracket.  Did we miss a few, that's entirely likely.  However, we hope that you join us for this fun competition to celebrate some of the movies that we all love so much.  This contest is available to current WELL members only.  The top finishers in this contest will receive WELL gear with the champion receiving an Intramural Champion t-shirt and a Champion Ring.

Registration closes: Sunday, September 20 at 11:55pm
Dates of Play: September 21 – October 16
Here's how it will work:

1) View the full bracket and all movie match-ups below.  Once you have evaluated the matchups, click on the link below to fill out your bracket.  You will review the opening matchups select who you think will win that matchup.  From there, you will continue to select winners until you reach the championship matchup and eventually the champion!

*Submissions for brackets are now closed*

2) Bracket submissions will be accepted starting the morning of Monday, September 7 through the evening of Sunday, September 20

3) Matchups will be posted on The WELL's Instagram (@wellsacstate) story one-by-one.  Whoever views that story will have the ability to vote for which movie they feel is deserving of winning that matchup.  Those votes will decide which movies advance in the bracket.  Anyone who views the story is eligible to vot, but only Sac State Students and all other WELL members are allowed to submit a bracket.  The voting timeline is below.

4) Voting:  Opening Round (Sept 21-27)    Sweet Sixteen (Sept 28-Oct 4)    Elite Eight (Oct 5-11)    Final Four & Championship (Oct 12-15)   Champion Named (Oct 16)

You can see the bracket below that only has the opening match-ups.  We will update the bracket here each week with winners from each round so you can follow along.
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Current Standings- Coming Soon