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The Perform WELL Workshop Series is led by The WELL's certified personal trainers to introduce, improve, and refine technique on various fitness topics. Reserve your spot at the Fitness Desk! Is there an area of fitness you want to learn more about? Submit your workshop requests to the fitness team for a future Perform WELL Workshop! All workshops are from 5-6pm. 



September 5: Intro to Boxing 

This workshop will cover the proper safety techniques, equipment, and will demonstrated the basics of boxing for the ultimate workout. Location: Perforamance Center from 5-6pm. Register for free on The MINDBODY app. 


October 3: Platform Lifting

Squats, deadlifts, and pressing are the foundation to any good strength program. This workshop is designed to learn warm-up patterns, corrective exercies, and techniques to improve your CORE lifts. Location: Weight Room from 5-6pm, meet at the fitness desk. Register for free on The MINDBODY app. 


November 7: Kettleball Basics 

Kettlebells are an excellent way to burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, and increase power output. Learn how to effectively hinge at the hips and get the most out of our kettlebell swing. Location: Outdoor Turf Area from 5-6pm. Register for free on The MINDBODY app. 


December 5: Functional Conditioning 

Learn to incorporate battle ropes, sandbags, and slam balls into a dynamic and explosive workout. These functional drills will help increase stamina, balance, and power. Location: Perforamance Center from 5-6pm. Register for free on The MINDBODY app.