Updates - COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts

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Fall 2020 General Update 

Virtual and Outdoor fitness and recreation programs and services will take center stage as the focus of recreation and fitness opportunities as we navigate the Fall 2020 semester.  We have a variety of fitness options, recreational therapy programs, climbing workshops, activities, contests and more.  All virtual and outdoor programs opportunties are offered at no charge to currently enrolled Sac State students.  

Student Health and Counseling Services remains open with in-person and telehealth appointments available.  For more information visit: SHCS Website

For our previous COVID19 updates and annoucement visit: The WELL previous COVID19 updates

Can The WELL open for indoor fitness and recreation?

The following tier system is currently in place per the California Industry Guidance: Gyms and fitness centers.  Sacramento County rates are currently in the red tier (as of 9/29/20).   We are not opening for indoor programs and services at this time. Our goal is to consistently offer fitness and recreation options for our participants and staff that are safe and sustainable and therefore less likely to be heavily impacted by the changes in COVID rates that will continue to be concern for the near future.  As a result, our strategy will be focusing on our outdoor program/service options as well as virtual program/service options, at this time. Plans to expand and improve our virtual and outdoor programs and services are already in the works.  Stay tuned for more details.

To learn more about the state's tier system and blueprint for a safer economy scroll to the resources below.  

  • Widespread (purple): 
    • Outdoor only with modifications
  • Substantial (red): SACRAMENTO COUNTY HERE AS OF 9/29/2020
    • Indoor with modifications
    • Capacity must be limited to 10%
  • Moderate (orange)
    • Indoor with modifications
    • Capacity must be limited to 25%
  • Minimal (yellow)
    • Indoor with modifications
    • Capacity must be limited to 50%