Membership rate and Fitness Pricing changes

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This spring, the Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors voted to amend non-student membership rates and select program prices. Highlights include:

  • New Guest Pass Option - 7 Day guest pass for use across 7 consecuve days form the date of purchase - $35.  Current guest pass options include:  One Day Guest Pass ($10) $15 weekender pass ($15) and Sac State One Card day pass ($5)
  • Amending our Veteran Discount to also include First Responders.  
  • Increase most non-student membership rates by 6% - or about $1-$2 per month for each membership options. This increase is to reflect the increase in amenities and programs that have resulted from the expansion as well as reflect the increase in the cost of wages and expenses since the last rate increase which was in 2016.   This increase will apply to NEW memberships only.  Any existing member will not experience a rate change unless they cancel and then re-join after the rates have increased per the dates below. 
  • Increase in select personal training packages by 5%.  Single Session, 3-Pack, 3-Pack Installments, and Buddy Training will remain the same

Effective dates for new offerings and rates for new memberships are as follows: 

As of May 1, 2023

  • Student Summer Steal (for students not enrolled in Summer Session) - Increase of $2
  • Student Non-Enrolled Membership- Increase of $1 of the monthly rate 

As of July 1, 2023

  • 7 Day Continous Guest Pass ($35)  Available 
  • First Responder Discount (10%) Available 
  • Affiliate (Faculty/Staff) Memberships - Increase of $2 to the monthly rates 
  • Alumni -  Alumni Association Memberships - Increase of $2 to the monthly rates  
  • Alumni - Recent Grad Membership - Increase of $1 to the monthly rate 
  • Associated Campus Program Membership - Increase of $2 to the monthly rate
  • Sponsored Memberships -  Increase of $2 to the monthly rates
  • Pay in full - 5 Session Personal Training Pack - Increase of $2 per session 
  • Pay in full - 10 Session Personal Training Pack - Increase of $2 per session 
  • Pay in full - 20 Session Personal Training Pack - Increase of $2 per session 
  • Installment Plans of 5 Pack, 10 Pack, 20 Pack installment plans will increase by $2 per sessions 

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