Outdoor Fitness - We’re Moving and Growing

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More Equipment, More Space, Complimentary 2 Hour Parking 


We are excited to annouce, we are in the final stages of a move to the 1st floor of parking structure 3 for our outdoor fitness program!  This means a big expansion of equipment offered, increase in hours available and all under a covered space with plenty of room for a physically distanced, outdoor workout.   One reservation per person, per day. Reservations can be made 1 week in advance. 

Complimentary Two-Hour Parking for participants now available.  Please make a reservation for more information.  

Make Your Reservation

Hours: Tentative start date Tuesday, November 10th  
  • Monday through Thursday: 9:00am - 8:00pm
  • Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Cost: No cost for currently enrolled Sac State Students; $5 per reservation for Sac State Faculty, Staff, and Alumni. 
Equipment Available: 
  • Plate Loaded Machines
    • Iso-Lateral Leg Press, Iso-Lateral High Row, Iso-Lateral Row, Iso-Lateral Bench Press, Iso-Lateral Incline Press, Iso-Lateral Decline Press, Hack Squat, Standing Calf, Pl Seated Calf Raise, 2 Hip Thrusters, 3 Mega Power Racks, Incline Lever Row, 3 Olympic Flat Bench Presses, Olympic Incline Bench Press, Olympic Decline Bench Press
  • Plate Stack Machines
    • Dual Cable Cross, Rear Delt Fly, Dip-Chin Assist, Functional Trainer, Genesis Lat Pull/High Row, Genesis Lift/Step, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Genesis Deltoid/Shoulder
  • Cardio Machines
    • Rowers, Bikes, Treadmills (Manual), Upper-Body Stationary Cycle
  • Dumbbells & Barbells
    • 6 Sets Of Dumbbell Racks, 2 Barbell Racks, Peacher Curl, Les Mills Barbells
  • Benches
    • 5 Multi-Adjustable Benches, 2 Utility Benches, Adjustable Decline Bench
  • Body Weight Machines
    • Back Extension, Ab-X, Core Trainer, Elevate Row, Elevate Core Adj., Elevate Jump, Elevate Press, Elevate Pull Up
  • Miscellaneous
    • Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Battle Ropes, Tires, Bosu Balls, Stretching Cages, Mats