All-In-Recreation: Adaptive Sports

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Inclusive Recreation & Adaptive Sports 

Inclusion is a philosophy that we, at The WELL embrace, which is why the Recreational Therapy Department's All-In-Recreation (AIR) program welcomes WELL Members of all abilities to learn various adaptive sports and recreational activities with an inclusive play approach.  

Unified All-In-Recreation

Hornets give back to support local school districts in providing purposeful goal-oriented recreation and leisure opportunities to encourage social emotional learning for students with disabilities from two local Sacramento School Districts. Unified All-In-Recreation runs one day a week for eight weeks in duration. If you would like to support inclusion, please fill out our volunteer application.

  • Thursdays 9-11am, Starting September 23 through November 4

Recreational Therapy Volunteer Program 

Our volunteers play an essential role in supporting the implementation and facilitation of inclusive and specialized recreation and leisure pursuits that provide opportunities for members of all abilities and backgrounds to recreate together.

If you are interested in volunteering for the semester, please fill out an application below.  Our department accepts volunteers on a semester basis. Volunteers that provide 20 hours of service earn a T-shirt. 

Apply to be a Volunteer

AIR Volunteer Testimonial from Union WELL Inc. on Vimeo.

All-In-Recreation: Adaptive Sports

The Recreational Therapy Department Team love to teach basic skills needed to play various adaptive sports. Due to the current pandemic opportunities will not be offered in until it is deemed safe to return to in person play.  We are committed to offering these sports in future semesters and hope to bring them back soon! 

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is the number one adaptive sport in the world. The rules of basketball and wheelchair basketball are very much alike; the most noticeable difference being that you have to bounce the ball on the court after every two pushes of your wheelchair. Drop-in or register in advance on the MINDBODY app. Athletic Wheelchairs are provided to participants. 

Wheelchair Rugby 

Wheelchair Rugby is an inclusive team sport consisting of two teams with four players each.  The objective is to get the ball past the other teams' goal line. The sport is played in specialized wheelchairs designed to withstand contact from other chairs. Wheelchair Rugby is a fast-paced adaptive sport with contact being allowed. Drop-in or register in advance on the MINDBODY app. Athletic Wheelchairs are provided to participants. 

Sit Volleyball

Sitting volleyball is a Paralympic sport using the concepts of volleyball without players utilizing their legs. Players must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor whenever they make contact with the ball. This sport is open to all WELL memberships. Drop-in or register in advance on the MINDBODY app. All equipment will be provided for participants. 

Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is an inclusive sport offered in our learn-to-play series. The size of the court, net height, rackets, are the same, but there are two major differences from pedestrian tennis: athletes use specially designed wheelchairs, and the ball may bounce up to two times, where the second bounce may also occur outside the court. Drop-in or register in advance on the MINDBODY app. Athletic Wheelchairs are provided to participants. 


This program is a collaboration with the City of Sacramento - Access Leisure.  Goalball was invented in 1946 to help rehabilitate veterans who had lost their sight during the Second World War. The object of the game is to throw a ball past the opponents and into their net to score points. Players stay on their hands and knees to defend their net and score against their opponents. All equipment will be provided for participants. 

Beep Kickball 

Beep kickball is played on a baseball diamond just like beep baseball, using a ten-inch soft foam kickball that beeps. Players wear eyeshades to equalize their differences in vision. There is no pitcher. There is no running around the bases, and nobody throws the ball. The goal of the game is to tag the base before one of the six fielders picks up the ball. If the kicker tags the base first, it's a run. If a fielder picks up the ball first, the kicker is out. There are three outs per inning. Six innings, game over! 

Adaptive Climbing 

The climbing wall at The WELL provides adaptive climbing for participants who need an accommodation or adaptation. We have adaptive equipment that allows participants to climb the wall without the use of their legs, as well as climbing without vision. Equipment for adaptive climbing is available at the Equipment Desk during all open climbing hours if needed.