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The WELL has cancelled all swim lessons for Summer 2022 due to continued staff shortages. 

We  know that so many of you rely on and enjoy that program and we are very disappointed that we are unable to offer it. We are however, working on an open swim program that would keep our pool open during the summer months for lap swim. We’re working on set hours for our pool and a clear and consistent schedule. Also, we plan to bring back our Community Passes so that the greater Sacramento Community can enjoy the water as well.

We encourage you to visit the City of Sacramento website for local swim lessons or visit your local parks and recreation department

We look forward to serving our campus community in 2023!

Learn to Swim for Children and Adults

The Sacramento State Summer Swim Program aims to promote a fun and safe environment while instructing water safety skills as well as provide stroke technique enhancement and personal development through aquatic recreation.  The program is designed to train students of all ages to feel comfortable and safe in the water and progress through learning all swimming strokes.

The WELL at Sac State is now an independent authorized provider of Starfish Swimming. Starfish Swimming is a nationally recognized swim instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI). 

The Starfish Swimming curriculum is designed for students ages 6 months to adult. Benchmarks are established at each stage in the program that combines both swimming and safety skills. Through participation in experiential learning activities, students explore the water in a creative and comfortable environment. 

Swim lessons are offered during the summer months between June-August. For additional information on swim lessons please contact our aquatics department.

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Class Options and Pricing 

We offer a variety of class formats. 

Group Lessons 

Group lessons are $75 per 2-week session. Each session consists of 8 - 25-minute lessons (Monday-Thursday) with a total of 3-4 students in each lesson. Group lessons are available for children (ages 3 and up) and Adult beginners (16+ years old).

Private Lessons

Private lessons are $184 per 2-week session. Each session consists of 8 - 25-minute lessons (Monday-Thursday).  Private lessons are available for students ages 3 to adult. 

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons are $220 per 2-week session. Each session consists of 8 - 25-minute lessons (Monday-Thursday). Semi-Private Lessons are for two students of similar age and skill level. Contact our staff to set up Semi-Private Lessons. 

Parent & Me

Perfect for infants and toddlers. Parent and Me lessons are taught in a group format and are $75. The class consists of 8 - 25-minute lessons over the course of 8 eight weeks on Saturdays at 11:15am.  

Class Levels 

Group Lessons are currently available for children and beginning adult learners only. Levels are based on ability and are independent of a participant's age.

Parent and Me

This weekly class is designed to introduce infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment in the comfort of their parent’s arms. Games will be played and fun will be had.  Classes will be held every Saturday from June 6 to August 1 from 11:15am to 11:40am. There is no class on July 4.

White Level (formerly Level 1)

Prerequisites: student can enter the pool with assistance  

This beginner-level focuses on assisting the student to feel comfortable and confident in the water. Skills include how to safely enter and exit the pool, blowing bubbles, and assisted submersion, floating on front and back, and rolling from front to back and back to front.

Red Level (formerly Level 2)

Prerequisites: student swims with support/assistance and is comfortable in the water

The level focuses on developing unassisted swimming foundation skills: floating on front and back, streamlines on front and back, rolling from front to back and back to front, air recovery, submersion, and forward movement in the water.

Yellow Level (formerly Level 3)

Prerequisites: student is comfortable in the water and can float without support/assistance

This level is designed for students to focus on independent forward movement through the water and direction change. Students will focus on combined arm and leg movements, side glide, kicking and pulling on front and back.

Blue/Green Level (formerly Level 4)

Prerequisites: student can swim 10 feet on front or back without support/assistance 

This level is designed for students ready to develop their freestyle and backstroke through drills focusing on rotary movement, position change, and breathing techniques. Students will be introduced to open turns and flip turns.

Stroke School Level (Formerly Level 5)

Prerequisites: student can swim 30 feet of freestyle with regular side breathing

This level focuses on the basic development of all four competitive swimming strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke) and appropriate turns, through drills and techniques. Students will work on increasing their endurance throughout the session through an introduction to swim team-style workouts. 




Class Cancellation

In the event of a documented medical emergency, a participant may reschedule the missed lesson(s). If rescheduling is not possible, a refund may be given based on evidence provided for the emergency. In the event that a class or classes are canceled due to the condition of the facility, make-ups will be rescheduled. If rescheduling is not possible, then a refund will be given. If a class is missed due to any other reason, a refund will not be given and the class or classes will not be rescheduled.


Parking passes can be purchased at the time of registration for $20 per session. If you are a student, staff, or faculty member with valid Sac State Parking Pass, no additional purchase is necessary. We recommend parking in Parking Structures 1 or 5. Parking Structure 1 is located just off College Town Drive and Sinclair Rd.  Parking Structure 5 is the new parking structure located off Arboretum Way. There are a few 15-minute and 30-minute spots to utilize just outside Parking Structure 1 and 5 that are perfect to use on Day 1. For a campus map, please visit: http://www.csus.edu/campusmap/


The pool is located on campus but not adjacent to the WELL. The pool is between Yosemite Hall and the PEAK Adventures ropes course.  For a campus map, please visit: http://www.csus.edu/campusmap/

What To Bring 

The swim lesson participant will need to bring a positive attitude, a swimsuit, towel, goggles if preferred, and a signed waiver.