Abbie Morrissey

Abbie Morrissey

Coordinator, Climbing and Group Facilitation

Role at The WELL: The coordinator manages and oversees the daily operations of the climbing wall as well as safety, programing, and route-setting.  The coordinator also runs WELL Build; teambuilding and group facilitation at the WELL. I am here to be a mentor and resource for all students' growth and success.

Pronouns: She, They

Background/Education: Abbie received her Bachelor of Science in Communications (minoring in Leadership and Health Promotion) from Appalachian State University and my Master of Arts in Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership from Southern Oregon University. She also holds an American Mountain Guide Association certification in the following: SPI, CWI and RG(Assistant).

Fun Fact: Abbie bike-packed 1000 miles from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea in 2018.

Favorite thing to do at The WELL: Abbie loves to try the new routes at the climbing wall, especially when staff are proud of their work!

Woo, Communication, Positivity, Strategic, Achiever