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Motivation, Guidance, Results.

At The WELL our certified personal trainers are dedicated to helping the Sacramento State community reach their goals and get results. We promote healthy, lifelong behaviors to help you succeed. Our personal training staff help members reach their highest potential through our innovative programming, and multitude of services offered. Fitness programs include FREE new member orientations, educational workshops, one-on-one personal training, and special fitness event.​


Personal and Buddy Training

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Personal Training

The personal training program is designed to help individuals meet their health and fitness goals with motivation, guidance, and instruction from a certified personal trainer. Our trainers hold certifications in many specialties including sports performance, weight loss, disease prevention, muscular strength, aerobic conditioning, and movement. One-on-one sessions allow you to received focused attention to your individual needs and goals.

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Buddy Training

The buddy training program is designed for two participants to train with a certified personal trainer at a time. Buddy training offers the same service as individual training, but can provide some extra motivation from a workout partner as well as provide an option for those short on cash. Duration: 1 hour, max 2 people.

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Fitness Orientations 

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Active Fit

A one-on-one consultation with a certified personal trainer covering exercise prescription for increasing physical activity and gaining additional knowledge on the basics of cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

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Buff Up

A one-on-one consultation with a certified personal trainer covering exercise prescription for increasing strength, building muscle, and developing proper movement patterns. 

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Tone Up

A one-on-one consultation with a certified personal trainer covering the proper way to encourage body fat reduction, building lean muscle tissue, and toning the body. 

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Schedule one of the following Assessments at the WELL Fitness Desk

Fitness Assessment

A comprehensive one-on-one session with a certified personal trainer to assess your current fitness level. The assessment is based on the client's needs and the following measures are available:

Resting Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Circumference Measurements, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Endurance, and Muscular Strength. 

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Functional Movement Screen

A Functional Movement Screen is a tool utilized to identify potential limitations or asymetries for 7 fundamental movement patterns. The screen assesses movement quality to observe movement, flexibility, mobility, and stability. 

The FMS is used to improve movement quality to help reduce potential risk of injury, uncover muscular imbalances, and determine corrective exercises to assist in repatterning proper movement patterns. 

Movements Include: Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, Inline Lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Active Straight-Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Pushup, and Rotary Stability

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Body Composition Assessment

A body composition analysis utilizing the 7-site skinfold caliper method, circumference measurements, and body weight. This assessment can help estimate:

Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, and Resting Metabolic Rate *Please wear athletic clothing such as shorts and a tank-top to more accurately obtain skinfold measurements*

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Improve your technique in our Perform WELL Workshop Series. Reserve a spot at the WELL Fitness Desk  

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