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Graduation was just the beginning 

The WELL offers a variety of membership options to Sac State Alumni. We encourage Alumni to stay connected with campus, and workout in our gym that they know and love for an affordable rate! WELL Alumni members must first become associated with campus by joining the Alumni Association. WELL Alumni membership does not include parking. In order to park on campus please purchase a parking pass through UTAPS, or a daily parking pass through the PaytoPark app. We encourage environmentally friendly alternative forms of transportation such as bikes, scooters, Light rail, carpooling, etc. in order to save money on parking. To sign up for membership, stop by The WELL Engagement Center or Front Desk with your Alumni Association card or confirmation e-mail.

Alumni Membership Process

Step 1: Join the Alumni Association

The first step to becoming a WELL alumni member is to join the Sacramento State Alumni Association. Since The WELL is not open to the community, we require this membership to reassociate graduates with the Sac State campus through an active affiliation. Alumni can activate their Alumni Association membership online, or in person at the Harper Alumni Association. 

Once you have joined the Alumni Association, please come in to The WELL Engagement Front Desk to show us your confirmation e-mail or Alumni Association card. 

Step 2. Select the Best WELL Membership for Your Needs

 The WELL offers a variety of membership options for Alumni who are current membres of the Alumni Association. We have Monthly Recurring memberships which are billed monthly from your bank account, and have a 4-month minimum committment. We also offer pre-paid membership options that are paid upfront in-full at the Front Desk. Below are some of our most common options. For a list of all Alumni Membership options please view our membership description chart. 

Recommended Membership Options:

  • Recent Grad - $19/mo: Available to Alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and are members of the Alumni Association.  
  • Alumni Monthly Recurring - $33/mo: Available to all Alumni who graduated more than 5 years ago, are members of the Alumni Association.
  • Express Memberships - $19/mo: Available to all Alumni who graduated more than 5 years ago, and are interested in a more affordable option. Express Memberships have limited facility access. Must be a member of the Alumni Association. $19/mo. 
    • AM Express: 6:00am-8:00am Monday-Friday
    • Lunch Express: 11:00am-1:00pm Monday- Friday
  • Pre-paid Alumni - $16/mo: Available to Alumni who attended Sac State between Fall 2006 - Summer 2010. Verification required

Step 3. Sign up at The WELL Engagement Center or Front Desk

After selecting your desired membership type, please come in to The WELL Engagement Center or Front Desk to purchase. We accept credit or debit card. To sign up for a Monthly Recurring membership, you will need a voided check, bank statement, or direct deposit form with your name, bank name, routing number, and accounting number.


Sponsoring a Spouse or Non-Alumni

Alumni WELL members are eligible to sponsor one additional member who is over 18, and shares a residence with them. Sponsored memberships start at $37/mo. We require proof of shared residence through an official document should as a SMUD bill, Bank Statement, Lease, etc. Documentation must be printed, not written. Sponsored members are eligible to come into the facility without their main member after joining. Sponsored members cannot continue their membership if the main member cancels. Both member's monthly dues will be drafted out of one single bank account. 

Cancelling or Freezing Your Monthly Recurring Membership

Alumni WELL Monthly Recurring members are eligible to cancel their membership after 4-months of bank draft. Cancellations require a 30-day notice through our online form. Adjustments will not be made after the 26th of the month for the following month. Members are also able to freeze for up to 3 months at a time for free. This is a great option if you plan to return in the future. Freezes and Cancellations are submitted online here. 


Refunds are only authorized in the case of a medical necessity (must be supported by a doctor’s note), or a death in the family (documentation required). The method of refund will occur in the same payment type as the original transaction. If cash refund exceeds $50.00 or exceeds the amount of cash tendered in Point of Sale (POS) for day of refund, then customer will receive a check by mail. Please submit refund inquires to the adjustments form below.