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Sac State Students are Hornet Strong! 

WELL Membership is included in the student fees for all Sacramento State Students paying the Union/WELL Inc. fee.

  • FALL 2016 Membership: August 22nd - January 15th.  
  • There is no additional charge for Sac State student memberships. WELL membership is included in student fees for all individuals paying the Union/WELL Inc. fee. 

Summer Membership at The WELL  

  • Students enrolled in summer courses have a valid membership from May 20th-August 24th at no additional charge. 
  • Be on the look out for a *NEW* Summer Student Discount!  Students not enrolled in summer courses can purchase a summer membership at a rate of $31 per month, or $5 per day with a valid one card.

Associated Campus Programs 

Associated Campus Programs are eligible for membership at The WELL!

  •  Associated Campus Programs include, but are not limited to, CCE, ELI, ALC, TEFL/PUFS. 
  • ACP students can purchase membership for 1 to 4 months at a rate of $32.00 per month. 
  • Most ELI and ALC students have pre-paid membership for The WELL as long as they are in classes. Check with your program or The WELL front desk to see if you qualify. 

Sponsor a Member 

A student can sponsor a non-student member who lives with them. 

Sponsored Membership Information

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