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Spring Semester Memberships 

WELL Membership is included in the student fees for all Sacramento State Students paying the Union/WELL Inc. fee.

  • Spring 2017 Membership: January 23rd - May 23rd.  
  • There is no additional charge for Sac State student memberships. WELL membership is included in student fees for all individuals paying the Union/WELL Inc. fee. 


Summer Student Memberships 


Student Summer Steal 

Students not enrolled in summer courses can purchase a 3 month summer membership for a flat rate of $48! Promotion is available until June 1st. Don't miss this deal!   


Students Non-enrolled for Summer 

Students who will not be enrolled for Summer are eligible to purchase month-to-month Summer membership at a rate of $31 per month. 


Students Enrolled in Summer Classes

Students enrolled in either summer session have a valid membership from May 23rd-August 23rd at no additional charge. 


Associated Campus Programs 

Associated Campus Programs are eligible for membership at The WELL!

  •  Associated Campus Programs students can purchase membership for 1-4 months at a rate of $32.00 per month. ACP include, but are not limited to, CCE, ELI, ALC, TEFL/PUFS, UC Davis School of Medicine, Renaissance Club, Graduate students who are on a fee waiver, all students enrolled in at least one unit who are not paying the Union/WELL Inc. fee. 
    • Note: most ELI and ALC students have pre-paid membership for The WELL as long as they are in classes. Check with your program or The WELL front desk to see if you qualify. 



Sponsored of a Student Membership

A student can sponsor a non-student member who lives with them. A sponsored member is defined as an individual who resides with a current WELL member and who is over the age of 18. 

A sponsored membership can be purchased at The WELL's front desk with a valid photo ID, and proof of residency (Lease or Utility Bill with names of both individuals).The WELL member must be present when the sponsored member is filling out his/her application and waiver.



Sponsored of a Student Membership Pricing


Be Our Guest

All students are eligible to bring in one guest per day. All WELL members receive one FREE guest pass semester. After that, guest pass are $10 per day, or $5 with a valid One Card.

WELL Guest Information


Incoming Students Fall 2017

Incoming Fall 2017 freshman and transfer students are eligible to use The WELL beginning August 23, 2017. Incoming students are eligible to purchase Summer Membership or $5 day passes as soon as they have a vaild One Card. Incoming students will recieve a WELL tour at their Sac State orientation. Incoming students are welcome to schedule an additional priviate tour free of charge. 

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