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April 30, 2023

Summer Membership

Spend Your Summer with Us!

From fitness classes, to intramural sports leagues, lap swim, and all of your favorite amentities, The WELL is HERE for you this summer! Your Spring Student Membership will expire on May 22nd. Check out the options below to learn more.  

Will you be a student over the summer?

If you are taking any Sac State summer courses for session 1, session 2 or both - that means your Summer Student 2023 Membership begins May 22nd and is valid through August 20th.  You will not need to purchase a WELL membership.  As long as your membership is active, it will automatically switch to summer and absolutely no action is required.  

Not attending classes this summer?

If you will be a student in the fall, you will want to take advantage of our Student Summer Steal - For $50 you get access all summer long including end of May through till Fall membership begins on August 21st.  

If you are graduating,  become a Recent Grad Alumni Member! Recent Grad - For $19/mo:  this membership option is available to all Alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and are members of the Alumni Association. So if you have plans this summer but want to join us in the future, know that you will still have this affordable membership option available to you.  

Don't want to commit?

If you can't commit to membership, we do have guest pass options.  Bring your SacState OneCard with you to purchase a $5 day pass.  You must present your Sac StateOneCard every visit. So perhaps you will be be out of town a lot or just have a lot on your calendar but don't forget that we'd love to have you join us, even just for a day! 

Click below to learn more about membership and guest opportunities 

Student Membership

Alumni Membership

Guest Passes


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April 28, 2023

2023 5K Fun Run

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Sac State 5k Fun Run Finishers! You were totally radical!


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April 26, 2023

Membership rate and Fitness Pricing changes

This Spring the Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors voted to amend membership rates and offerings. Highlights include:

New Guest Pass Option - 7 Day guest pass for use across 7 consecuve days form the date of purchase - $35.  Current guest pass options include:  One Day Guest Pass ($10) $15 weekender pass ($15) and Sac State One Card day pass ($5)
Amending our Veteran Discount to also include First Responders.  
Increase most non-student membership rates by 6% - or about $1-$2 per month for each membership options. This increase is to reflect the increase in amenities and programs that have resulted from the expansion as well as reflect the increase in the cost of wages and expenses since the last rate increase which was in 2016.   This increase will apply to NEW memberships only.  Any existing member will not experience a rate change unless they cancel and then re-join after the rates have increased per the dates below. 

Effective dates for new offerings and rates for new memberships are as follows: 

As of May 1, 2023

Student Summer Steal (for students not enrolled in Summer Session) - Increase of $2
Student Non-Enrolled Membership- Increase of $1 of the monthly rate 

As of July 1, 2023

7 Day Continous Guest Pass ($35)  Available 
First Responder Discount (10%) Available 
Affiliate (Faculty/Staff) Memberships - Increase of $2 to the monthly rates 
Alumni -  Alumni Association Membership - Increase of $2 to the monthly rates  
Alumni - Recent Grad Membership - Increase of $1 to the monthly rate 
Associated Campus Program Membership - Increase of $2 to the monthly rate



April 11, 2023

Summer Hours & Commencement Update

Summer Hours Begin May 20th

The WELL will transition to Summer hours on Saturday May 20th.  Sacramento State Commencement will take place May 19th-May 21st.  The current location for Commencement is the Golden1 Center.  Should that space become unavailable, Commencement will be held the same dates on campus.  If Commencement is held on campus, this may impact operational hours and/or activity space availability.  To stay up to date with graduation plans and announcements please visit: 

Monday-Friday: 5:30am-8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-6pm

CLOSED: Monday May 29th (Memorial Day) & Tuesday July 4th (Independence Day) 

Learn more about membership options

Student Membership

Alumni Membership

Faculty Staff Membership


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June 10, 2021

We’re Hiring! Sign Up To Learn More.

We're Hiring

Now and over the summer, The Union and WELL will be recruiting for 30 different positions types and more than 150 openings. If you want a job on campus, gain skills, and make Sac State connections, subscribe  to learn more about the positions and sign up to receive notifications when the position you want becomes available to apply for.




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