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Open Swim Hours - Currently Closed

The WELL campus recreation and fitness facility, the Yosemite Pool, and all programs remain closed until further notice. Additional information on the closures related to COVID-19 can be found here

Splash into Shape

At the Long Pool, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly with lifeguards on duty during all Open Swim hours. We encourage students, staff, faculty, and alumni to come out to the pool and enjoy the water! The Long Pool is a lap pool and meant for swim workouts, however, all swimming levels are welcome. We are located behind Yosemite Hall. Stop by to try your hand at swimming or catch some rays out on the pool deck. 

three student lifeguards standing in front of an outdoor pool

Open Swim Pass Information 

Pool Passes or One Cards must be presented upon request at the pool and pass holders are subject to rules and regulations established for all campus recreation participants and users. One Cardholders can swim for free with their One Card on hand.  you do not have a valid One Card, Swim Passes are available for purchase at The WELL Front Desk. Costs are subject to change without notice. Passes are neither transferable nor refundable. Proper ID is required for any pass purchased including valid photo ID and if applicable, proof of valid Alumni Association membership. All minors require a valid pass and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Students, Faculty, Staff, or Emeritus 

If you are a current Sac State Student, Faculty, Staff, or Emeritus with a valid One Card, no additional pass purchase is necessary to use the pool. Simply bring your One Card to the pool, and show the lifeguard to start swimming. Must present valid Sac State ID (One Card) to lifeguard for pool access.

Alumni & Family - Gold Swim Passes

Alumni Association Member, Family Member(s) of Sac State ID Holder or Alumni Association Member

Annual Gold Pass - Expires 365 days from the date of purchase.

  • $200 for Sponsored Individual, or an Alumni Association(and non-WELL) member
  • $325 for Sponsored Family of  Sac State ID Holder or Family of Alumni Association Member. Family Pass includes immediate family up to 4 persons. 

Daily Gold Pass- Single day use only. 

  • $4 per person.
  • Minors must have a guardian over the age of 18 with them when using the pool. 

Semester Gold Pass 

  • $80 for Alumni Association member who is not a WELL member or Sponsored Individual 
  • $125 for Sponsored Family of a Current Student, Staff or Faculty member, or Alumni Association member who is not a WELL member. Family Pass includes immediate family up to 4 persons. 
    • Summer Semester: May, June, July, and August. Expires September 2nd. 
    • Fall Semester: September, October, November, and December. Expires January 2nd. 
    • Spring Semester: January, February, March, and April. Expires May 2nd. 

Community - Green Swim Passes

Community Members 

Daily Green Pass

  •  $5 per person
  •  Available each year for purchase and use April 1st - September 30th only. 

Summer Green Pass

  • $140
  • Offered May, June, July, & August Only. 
  • Passes are not prorated.

Pool Facts & Information 

The Long Pool at Sac State is the perfect place to get in shape while still enjoying the outdoors.  The pool facility is operated and maintained by Sacramento State but The WELL provides opportunities for open swim to the campus community.   

  • The pool is 25 yards long with six lanes and backstroke flags.
  • The water is kept around 80 degrees and the pool is cleaned weekly.
  • Equipment such as kickboards, paddles, and leg pull buoys can be checked out through the guards on deck.
  • There will always be one guard on duty in the morning and two in the afternoon.
  • To swim at the Long Pool, you must have either a valid OneCard or a valid pool pass.
  • All patrons must sign a waiver at the WELL when purchasing a pool pass, and again at the pool after which names will be recorded on a master list.
  • EVERYONE must sign in with the guards EVERY TIME they swim.

Swim Lessons 

Swim lessons are offered during the summer for learners of all ages. Visit our Swim Lessons webpage to learn more.