Equipment Check Out

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Free Equipment Check Out

The WELL offers free equipment check out included in your membership. We have a variety of equipment available. To check out a piece of equipment please visit the The WELL Equipment Desk. Equipment is checked out using your WELL ID#. To request a new piece of equipment contact



Sports Equipment 

  • Badminton Racquets and Birdies 
  • Basketballs (Men's and Women's) 
  • Climbing Shoes, Harnesses, Helmets, and Safety Equipment
  • Footballs
  • Frisbees
  • Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Balls
  • Indoor and Outdoor Volleyballs 
  • Racquetball Racquets and Balls


Fitness Equipment 

  • Ab Wheels
  • Balance Pads & Discs
  • Bar Pads
  • Dip Belts
  • Foam Rollers 
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Jump Ropes 
  • Resistance Tubing
  • Weight Belts
  • Yoga Mats



For Sale Items 

  • Headphones - $7.00
  • Socks - $2.00
  • Climbing Chalk - $4.25  


How to Check out Equipment 

  • Vist the WELL Equipment Desk 
  • Tell the attendant what you would like to checkout 
  • Enter your WELL ID#
  • Type carefully! The numbers on the keypad are in a different order than the numbers at the access gates. Be careful to type in the correct ID# or you could be charged for a missing item. 
  • Ask the attendant to repeat your name to you for confirmation that it was checked out properly!


How to Return Equipment 

  • Tell the attendant you are returning the piece of equipment
  • Enter your WELL ID# 
  • Hand the attendant the equipment, or drop a towel into the towel bin. 
  • Ask the attendant to repeat your name to you for confirmation that it was checked in properly!