Who We Are

Our Mission

Lifetime Wellness Through Collaboration, Education, and Innovation

About Our Department 

The WELL is a part of Union WELL Inc. which is a proud member of the Sacramento State Division of Student Affairs. Union WELL Inc. exists for the benefit of students, offering a welcoming environment in which students, faculty, staff and alumni may participate in campus life. Union WELL Inc. also attracts the greater community to educational, cultural and social experiences at Sacramento State. Through programs, services and facilities Union WELL Inc. fully realizes its potential when it fosters personal growth, encourages social interaction and provides opportunity to develop leadership skills. The involvement in campus life around Union WELL Inc. leads to memorable experiences and fosters a community that cultivates enduring commitment, pride, and loyalty to the University.

ASI Peak Adventures and Student Health and Counseling Services are independent departments however they are our partners in wellness!

Career Staff 

Get to know the staff at The WELL and what brought them to Sacramento State and Union WELL Inc. We love them, and we know you will too.

  • Alivia Gok

    Alivia Gok

    Recreational Therapist

  • Andrew Reddish

    Andrew Reddish

    Assistant Director, Intramurals and Student Staff Development

  • Anna Koch

    Anna Koch

    Operations & Aquatics Coordinator

  • Barrett Ward

    Barrett Ward

    Manager, Marketing Strategy and Member Experience

  • Clarissa Jimenez

    Clarissa Jimenez

    Exercise Physiologist

  • Erica Wood

    Erica Wood

    Assistant Director, Special Events and Informal Recreation

  • Garrett Werner

    Garrett Werner

    Coordinator, Climbing and Group Facilitation

  • Jessica Swart

    Jessica Swart

    Assistant Director, Member Services & Operations

  • Kate Smith

    Kate Smith

    Director, The WELL

  • Kendra Densmore

    Kendra Densmore

    Coordinator, Group Fitness

  • Krista Bloom

    Krista Bloom

    Coordinator, Reservations and Informal Recreation

  • Scott Poulos

    Scott Poulos

    Coordinator, Intramural Sports



    Assistant Director, Fitness

  • Victoria Butler

    Victoria Butler

    Administrative Coordinator