Sponsored Membership

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Exercise is better with a buddy 

Membership is available to sponsored guests of any current WELL member. A sponsored member is defined as an individual who resides with a current WELL member and who is over the age of 18. 

A sponsored membership can be purchased at The WELL's front desk with a valid photo ID, and proof of residency (Lease or Utility Bill with names of both individuals).The WELL member must be present when the sponsored member is filling out his/her application and waiver. 


  • Sponsored of a Student 
  • EFT $37/mo. 
  • Short Term Options 
  • 1 months $37/mo.
  • 2 months $37/mo.
  • 3 months $37/mo.
  • 4 month $37/mo.
  • Sponsored of an Affiliate/Alumni 
  • EFT $37/mo.
  • Short Term Options
  • 1 month $48/mo.
  • 3 months $46/mo.
  • 6 months $43/mo.
  • 12 months $37/mo.