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Strength in Numbers 

Research shows that exercising with a buddy can double your chances for reaching your fitness goals! The WELL offers sponsored membership to sponsored guests of any current WELL member. A sponsored member is defined as an individual who resides with a current WELL member and who is over the age of 18. 

A sponsored membership can be purchased at The WELL's Engagement Center or Front Desk with a valid photo ID, and proof of residency (Lease or Utility Bill with names of both individuals).The WELL member must be present when the sponsored member is filling out his/her application and waiver. 


Sponsored of a WELL Member

The WELL offers both Monthly Recurring and Pay In Full contracts for a sponsored of a Student,  Affiliate or an Alumni WELL member. The sponsored member's contract must match their main member (Monthly Recurring to Monthly Recurring) or (Pay In Full to Pay In Full). Sponsored Monthly Recurring contracts are billed on the 2nd of every month, and come out of the main member's bank account. Pay In Full contracts are paid in full upfront. 

Monthly Recurring


Pay In Full

2 months