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All campus Affiliates (Faculty, Staff, and Emeritus) are eligible for membership at The WELL! We have several membership options to fit your needs. Affiliate members are eligible to sponsor a non-affiliate who resides with them including spouses, children, and roommates over the age of 18. We currently do not offer WELL memberships to non affiliated community members. All membership transactions occur at the WELL front desk! 


Affiliate Membership Descriptions 

Review WELL Affiliate membership options below. Download an print our membership handout above! All WELL Affiliate memberships include our free group fitness classes, pool access, free towel and equipment check out, and access to Intramural Sports. 


Affiliate EFT All Access 

Our most popular membership! Affiliate EFT includes access to The WELL during all hours of operation, group fitness classes, climbing, locker rooms, equipment check out, and towel service. Affiliate EFT members are eligible to purchase personal/buddy training, and participate in Intramural Sports. EFT memberships have a 4-month minimum, and dues are automatically drafted between the 2nd - 7th of each month. Please bring a voided check or bank statement with your name, routing, and accouting number at the time of sign-up. 



Affiliate Short Term Memberships 

Short terms memberships are another option if you do not want to meet the 4-month EFT minimum. Short Term contracts have a minimum of 2 months (1 prorated month + 1 full month), and are paid in full at the time of sign-up. 




Affiliate Express EFT Memberships 

Express Memberships include access to fitness classes offered during your authorized facility hours! Express members must enter the facility by their designated time, but there is no required exit time. EFT only membership.

  • AM Express: Access to the facility Monday - Friday between 6:00am - 8:00am 
  • PM Express: Access to the facility Monday - Friday between 11:00am - 1:00pm 
  • Dual Express: Access to the facility Monday - Friday between 6:00am - 8:00am AND 11:00am - 1:00pm 




Starter Packs 

A Starter Pack is a great way to learn your way around The WELL, and to kick start your fitness routine! New and current WELL members can purchase a personal training starter pack for the flat rate of $69, and your next month of membership is FREE! The personal training pack includes four 30-minute sessions with a certified personal trainer! Sign up at The WELL front desk! 

  • Session 1: Fitness Consultation
  • Session 2: Strength Machines, Cable Machines, & Cardio Machines 
  • Session 3: Free Weights & Body Weight Training
  • Session 4: Functional Training




Affiliate-only Start Strong Program 

Start Strong is a membership unique to faculty and staff here at Sacramento State. This option offers a facility membership, and three private 30-minute group training classes per week with a certified personal trainer! Start Strong participants enjoy the camaraderie with other campus community members, and the sense of accountability. 

Start Strong classes offer a wide range of ability and age groups. Instructors work at your pace and improve your form to ensure safety. We do not offer Start Strong classes over the summer. However, you will have access to fitness classes as part of your membership! Start Strong is EFT only. 

I always look forward to my Start Strong classes at the end of a busy workday because I know that is my time to forget about everything else and focus on my fitness.  - Cryssel Vera




Sponsored of an Affiliate 

If you are a member, and you are able to sponsor a non-affiliate who lives with you, and is over the age of 18. Visit our sponsored membership page to learn more! 


Affiliate Membership Pricing 

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Membership Pricing 

EFT Memberships are billed between the 2nd - 7th of each month, and have a 4-month minimum. These contracts can be frozen at anytime for up to three months, and can be canceled anytime after 4 months with a 30 day notice. EFT memberships are the easiest and most affordable way to workout at The WELL!

Affiliate All Access


AM Express


PM Express


Dual Express


Start Strong 


Starter Packs 

 Eligible Rate/mo. + 

$69 Training Pack 




Sponsored of an

Affiliate Member










Short Term Membership Pricing 

Short Term memberships are paid upfront in full. There is a 2-month minimum (prorated month + 1 full month) to sign up for a short term membership. Short Term contracts cannot be cancled or refunded except in the case of medical emergency.


Short Term

2 months 


6 months


12 months 


Sponsored of

an Affiliate

2 months 


6 months 


12 months