Ashlyn Tamayo

Ashlyn Tamayo

Coordinator, Marketing Strategy and Outreach

Role at The WELL: Coordinator, Marketing Strategy and Outreach, responsible for The WELL’s comprehensive marketing strategy—including digital, print, social media, and engagement. 

Pronouns: She/They 

Background/Education: Ashlyn attended Sac State for their undergrad, where they received their Bachelor's of Science in Recreation Administration. During this time, she worked at The WELL's Fitness Desk, as well as the role of student supervisor of staff development. Upon graduating, Ashlyn had an internship with Walt Disney Studios in Southern California, and later worked with the American Cancer Society in the North Bay. After a couple years away, Ashlyn returned to Sacramento, where she worked with lululemon focusing on guest experience and digital engagement, along with pop-up events. She's excited to bring her energy and experience back to The WELL at Sac State. 

Fun Fact: Ashlyn had the opportunity to attend red carpet premieres for Pixar's Inside Out and Marvel's Ant-Man.  

Favorite thing to do at The WELL: Ashlyn enjoys switching it up between free weights, the cardio suite and indoor track.  

Strengths: Futuristic, Individualization, Input, Arranger, Connectedness