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Class Reservations and Program Enrollments

The WELL utilizes MINDBODY software and app to schedule and reserve fitness classes!  With MINDBODY you can reserve your spot up to two weeks in advance, and add a fitness class to your personal calendar ahead of time, so you never miss a workout! 

You can reserve two-weeks ahead of time on the website or through the mobile app, or you can drop-in to a class without reserving.

MINDBODY Features 

MINDBODY is user-friendly, free, and all inclusive! Below are a few features we think you'll like! 

  • Favorite: You can "favorite" The WELL to get quick access to our schedule! 
  • Share: Once you book a class, you will have the option to "share" it! You can share it on social media, through text, or through e-mail. Let your friends know you're attending a class, so they can book too! 
  • Add to Calendar: After booking a class through the app, you can add it to your calendar! Never forget about a class with calendar reminders and notifications. Hint: turn on your notificiations for this app, so you will get a reminder before the class begins! 
  • Class Reviews: After your class is over, you will have the option to review it with 1-5 stars! Let your favorite instructors know how much you love their class! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Review our most common questions about answers reguarding MINDBODY below. 


MINDBODY is a user-friendly software used at The WELL to schedule, reserve, and pay for Fitness Classes. MIND BODY can be accessed through a desktop computer, or through a mobile app.

How Do I Create a MINDBODY Account?

There are several ways to create a free MINDBODY account. No matter how you sign-up, you will receive an e-mail verification. You must verify your account through the e-mail verification before you are able to book a fitness class.

1. You can create a free MINDBODY account online through The WELL website. 

2. You can download the mobile app. Download now. 

3. You can stop by the fitness desk at The WELL, or drop into a free fitness class. There the fitness staff can create an account for you! 

I Created an Account, Now How Do I Reserve a Class?

Reserve through The WELL Website: Visit The WELL’s classes page. There, you will see this week’s fitness schedule. You can click on a class to see the class description, or click on the instructor’s name to see their instructor bio. To reserve a class, you will click on the word “sign-up.” From there, MINDBODY will promp you to sign-in to your account. Most of our classes are free, but Small Group Training classes are still associated with a small fee. You can purchase Small Group Training directly through MINDBODY on our website. Once you have reserved the class, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your class reservation. 

Reserve through the mobile app: Once you've opened the app, search for The WELL at Sac State’s fitness class schedule. You may have to turn on your location services to find The WELL. Then, you can click on the class name to see a class description, or click on the word book to book the class. Once booked, you have the option to “Add to calendar,” “Share,” or “Done.” Most of our classes are free, but Small Group Training classes are still associated with a small fee. You can purchase Small Group Training directly through the MINDBODY app! After you book you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your class reservation. 

Am I Required to Reserve a Class Ahead of Time? 

You are not required to reserve one of our free classes ahead of time. MINDBODY is a tool to reserve your spot if the class fills up, however, you are welcome to drop-in to any of our free classes! If there is space left in the class, the instructor will check you in even if you did not reserve a spot.

However, for our paid Small Group Training classes, you must reserve through MINDBODY in order to pay for a semester pass, or for a single class drop-in. 

What's Reservable Through MINDBODY For The WELL?

We currently have the following on MINDBODY:

  • Free Fitness Classes: available to reserve two weeks prior to the class time. 
  • Small Group Training Classes: available to reserve 24 hours prior to the class time. 
  • Self Defense: A 6-week program taught by expert instructor, Vic Vinson, to help students feel empowered to stop a predatory attack. This program meets twice per week. Self Defense is $10 for the entire 6-week session, and can be purcahsed through our Self Defense page on the WELL website. Session I open now! *Note: not available through the mobile app. 
  • Free Perform WELL Workshops: The Perform WELL Workshop Series is led by The WELL's certified personal trainers to introduce, improve, and refine technique on various fitness topics. PWW are held on the first Thursday of every month, are free, and cover a variety of topics. Available to reserve two weeks prior to the workshop. 
Why Does The Mobile App Say "CALL" Instead of "BOOK" For Some Classes? 

There are several reasons why the mobile app may prompt you to call The WELL instead of booking a class: 

  • The class is not available for booking yet. Classes are available two weeks ahead for free fitness classes, and 24 hours ahead for small group training. 
  • The class time has already started. MINDBODY will not allow you to book a class that has already started. You must book the class prior to the class start time. 
  • The class if full. If the class is full, and there is no available space on the waitlist, MINDBODY will prompt you to call.  

*Please note: Calling the phone tree may not change the status of your booking. If the class if full or unavailable, WELL staff are not able to add you to that class. 

I Can No Longer Make It To a Class I Reserved, What Should I Do?

If you are unable to attend a class you reserved simply go into the app, or into your MINDBODY account on a desktop, and cancel your reservation. It is very important to cancel your resevation, so members on the waiting list have a chance to sign-up for that class.

If you have not checked into the class 5-minutes before the class begins, MINDBODY will automatically cancel your reservation to make room for someone else. If your reservation gets cancelled because you haven't checked in, you can still attend the class as long as it is not full. The instructor will assist you with resigning up for the class once you arrive. 

If you have to cancel a Small Group Training class for which you purchased a $6 single class drop-in, your drop-in pass is only vaild on the date of purchase. 

*Please Note: We do not offer refunds for missed Small Group Training classes except for medical emergencies with a doctors note. 

Can I Reserve a Class For Another WELL Member Through MINDBODY

MINDBODY accounts are unique to each user, and are attached to your specific profile. You are unable to reserve a class for another user, or pay for a class for another user.

You are able to "share" that you are attending a reserved class through social media, text message, and e-mail. 


Additional MINDBODY Questions 

If you have additional questions about MINDBODY, please e-mail our fitness team for assistance. Your questions and feedback help us improve usership for all WELL members!  

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