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Facility Tours

Experience The WELL The WELL offers guided tours to large groups, small groups, and individuals. We do provided tours on a walk-in basis, however, we recommend prescheduling your tour to avoid a long waiting period. Tours typically last between 5 - 15 minutes. Individuals on a tour must stay with the group the entire time, and are not authorized to use equipment or take photos inside the facility. Large Tours The WELL provides large tours to school groups, clubs, organizations, and campus visitors. A large tour is classified as 11 or more individuals. Each tour guide can accomodate 25 individuals per tour. If your group has more than 25 people we will separate them into groups. Please indicate the size and demographic (children, teenagers, college students, or adults) of your group. We request large tours to be scheduled at least one week in advance. Schedule a Large Tour Small Tours A small tour is classified as between 1 - 10 individuals. Small tours provide a more intimate experience, and allow patrons to ask details questions. Small tours are available to potential students, alumni, affiliates, current students, and campus visitors. Please indicate the size and demographic (children, teenagers, college students, or adults) of your group. We request small tours to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Schedule a Small Tour Specialized Tours Groups interested in learning about the WELL's LEED certification can schedual a specalized tour. The Well is a LEED Green Building project. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is governed by the U.S. Green Building Council. There are several levels of LEED certification that a project can achieve: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These certifications are based on a point system for meeting environmental goals in new construction of a building. The Well…

Facility Reservations

…using a hard wired connection and are not able to connect to OPUS directly, you may also need to login to Global Protect. Submit a Reservation Contact Us Tours and Accommodations Tours can be arranged to view the available WELL space prior to making a reservation. For rental information regarding The WELL activity space (i.e. gym box, fitness studios, etc…), or to tour the various rental facilities at The WELL, please e-mail the Event Services staff. If you would like to make a reservation request within one week of the event you must e-mail Event Services to see if accommodations can be made. Contact Us Conference Rooms All WELL conference rooms are carpeted with in-house sound, built-in screens, video projectors, and a varitey of table/chair setup options. Conference Room Rental Fees The fees below are effective July 1, 2022 and for events that do not charge admission. Click here for all current rental rates. Time Frame STUDENT ORGANIZATION CAMPUS DEPARTMENT OFF CAMPUS GROUP The Terrace Suite & Balcony(Aspen, Meadow & Vineyard) 4 Hours or Less $70 $254 $450 More than 4 Hours $90 $303 $625 Aspen Room <4 Hours $103 $120 >4 Hours $55 $127 $180 Medow Room <4 Hours $103 $120 >4 Hours $55 $127 $180 Vineyard Room <4 Hours $103 $120 >4 Hours $55 $127 $180 Shoreline Room <4 Hours $103 $120 >4 Hours $55 $127 $180 Conference Room Capacities Terrace Suite Meadow/Vineyard Room Aspen/Meadow Room Dimensions 27'x63 27'x42' 27'x42' Max Capacity 123 82 82 Banquet 80 64 64 Classroom 70 40 40 Conference 62 40 40 Executive 24 N/A N/A Lecture 110 60 60 Reception 123 82 82 Round 77 N/A N/A U-Shape 45 30 30 Aspen Room Meadow Room Vineyard Room Shoreline Room Dimensions 27'x21' 27'x21' 27'x21' 23'x23' Max Capacity 41 41 41 16 Banquet…

Student Membership

…of programs and services are fee based to help subsidize costs such as personal training or intramural sports. In between the spring and fall semesters, incoming and continuing students not enrolled in Summer Session are eligible to purchase Summer Membership or $5 day passes as soon as they have a valid One Card. Incoming students will receive a WELL tour at their Sac State orientation. Incoming students are welcome to schedule an additional private tour free of charge. WELL Guest Info Sponsored Memberships Schedule a Tour Associated Campus Programs Associated Campus Program Membership currently unavailable for purchase. Associated Campus Programs are eligible for membership at The WELL! Associated Campus Programs students can purchase membership for 1-4 months at a rate of $32.00 per month. ACP include, but are not limited to, CCE, ELI, ALC, TEFL/PUFS, UC Davis School of Medicine, Renaissance Society, Graduate students who are on a fee waiver, all students enrolled in at least one unit who are not paying the Union/WELL Inc. fee. Sponsored of a Student Membership A student can sponsor a non-student member who lives with them. A sponsored member is defined as an individual who resides with a current WELL member and who is over the age of 18. A sponsored membership can be purchased at The WELL's front desk with a valid photo ID, and proof of residency (Lease or Utility Bill with names of both individuals).The WELL member must be present when the sponsored member is filling out his/her application and waiver WELL Guest Policy Guest passes are currently unavailable. All students are eligible to bring in one guest per day. All WELL members receive one FREE guest pass semester. After that, guest pass are $10 per day, or $5 with a valid One Card.